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The procedure for obtaining a historic review, recommendation and report is as follows:
1. Obtain an application for a Historic Review, and/or Certificate of Historic Appropriateness (for businesses) from the Town Administration Office, or by clicking the appropriate form above. See Section 151 of the Zoning Ordinance for clarifications on the duties & requirements of the Historic Commission. Additional building permit forms are also located on this site under: Information/Building Permits.

2. Fill out the appropriate sections. Provide all details of the proposed work (design, style, measurements, materials, etc.) Applicant shall provide samples of proposed materials when appropriate. For fences, site work, additions, and outbuildings, scaled plot plans are required. Detailed elevation drawings are also required for all additions and new construction. Applicants are encouraged to submit photographs with application.

3. Submit the complete application, together with application fee, to the Town Administration Office or postmark your mailed submission by at least 14 calendar days preceding the Historic Commission’s monthly meeting, typically held on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Applications received after this time may not be placed on that meeting’s agenda.

Applicants will be notified if additional information is required prior to a formal review. In such a case where additional information is requested, the applicant’s place on the agenda will be held, pending sufficient information is provided.

4. You are not required to attend the meeting at which your application is to be considered. However, it is often helpful if you (or a representative) are present to clarify any unclear points or to agree to suggested modifications. In the event an application does not include sufficient information to act upon, the application may be returned to the applicant for additional information.

5. The Historic Commission will decide on your application in one of four ways:
The application will be approved, approved with conditions, tabled for further information, or denied. Upon approval of an application, the Historic Commission shall transmit a report to the Zoning Administrator stating the conditions upon which approval was granted, and cause a historic review certificate to be issued. Final action shall be taken within sixty (60) days after filing of the request; if not, the application shall be deemed to be approved, except when there is mutual agreement between the Commission and the applicant has been made has been made for an extension of the time limit.

6. Upon receipt of notification of approval, you may obtain your building permit and/or Zoning Compliance at the Town Administration Office upon payment of the required building and/or permit fees. No work may be started until the permit has been obtained.

7. In accordance with Section 151.5 of the Town of Odessa Zoning Ordinance, in emergency situations in which there is a threat to persons or property, an owner may make those repairs required to offset the threat by obtaining an emergency permit from the Mayor or Zoning Administrator.

8. Decisions of the Commission may be appealed to the Board of Adjustment. Such appeals must be filed with the administrative official and the Board of Adjustment within twenty (20) days of the receipt of the Commission’s written decision.